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Zumba.  If you've never taken Zumba®, it is a dance/exercise class which uses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a fitness class that will get you moving and working out hard.  Routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning calories. If you love to dance, this will be a workout that never feels like working out.
Fitness Fusion: High intensity strength and cardio sessions with no two classes ever the same. This class combines calisthenics and body weight exercises with innovative resistance training. You may find yourself doing Zumba steps, kickboxing moves, kettlebell swings and battling ropes, long jumps, resistance bands and jump ropes. Tara brings her unique ability to motivate and challenge you while keeping it fun and effective.
Strength and Conditioning.  These classes are endlessly varied but always focus on the core strength and functional fitness.  Sessions are designed to restore mobility, build strength, increase work capacity, and hasten recovery. Each class begins with a mobility warmup to prepare joints, ligaments and muscles for work, then to workout stations using a variety of protocols, and a finally a compensation cool down designed to release the stress of the workout.
Yoga: The objective of this class is to adjust your body. The instructor calls this alignment yoga.  It meets the student's skill level where they are.  Whether you are a beginner or expert, inflexible, injured or in great shape, this class will challenge you. The focus is on making each student find what they are capable of achieving in each class.  It's not about anybody else in the class.  It's about how much you can do.

Boxing: This is a non-contact, high intensity workout that teaches the fundamentals of "the sweet science." Skills are learned and reinforced through circuits of focus mitt work, banging the heavy bag, testing reflexes on the double end bag and building confidence on the speed bag. Add in shadowboxing, jump rope, medicine ball work and calisthenics and you have complete and unique workout experience. Equipment is provided.

Our workouts train many muscles at once with movements that reflect everyday situations.  But don't think that means this class is easy!  We promise that you will marvel at how quickly 30 seconds stations can feel like 30 minute stations and at how far such a simple class can push you to strengthen and streamline your body.
Our Equipment: You won't see weight machines and treadmills in our classes.  We use many of the "toys" associated with functional fitness -- where you let gravity and your body help you do the hard work.  Among our "go-to" primary execise equipment are:
Group Classes. Imagine working out with a group of your friends.  There are only a few of you so that the instructor is able to work closely with everyone in the class, but you are also able to laugh and motivate each other as you work out.  Suddenly an hour has gone past, you are dripping with sweat, your muscles are singing -- but you never feel like you "worked out".  You had fun.  You worked hard.  And it didn't feel like a chore.

Small group instruction costs a bit less per person then personal training but still provides detailed attention.  The classes are designed for two to four people and include the benefit of being motivated by working out with friends.  If you and your friends think a group class sounds interesting, call 516-771-2700 to discuss what kind of class you want.
Kettlebells. One of the strength training secrets to emerge from Russia after the fall of the former USSR, kettlebells have been gaining recognition as an essential tool in strength and conditioning programs across the country.
 If you are not familiar with kettlebells, they look like cannonballs with a handle and, used properly, provide an intense, full-body workout that yields remarkable results in a hurry: melt fat - sculpt lean, functional muscles -  turbo charge your energy levels.
Club Bells. "Ancient tool - modern fitness." Clubbells have their origin in the clubs traditionally swung by the warriors and martial artists of ancient (as well as modern) India and were modified and optimized in America by Scott Sonnon. Like kettlebells, the design of the clubbell allows muscular movement through three dimensions of space as opposed to the linear movement of modern weight lifting.
Pull Up Rig and Rings. Gymnasts are among the most functionally strong athletes in the world, and rings and bars are among their primary training tools and therefore have a prominent place in our studio.
Bodyweight  "As long as you are still inside your body, you are not without a gym."

Medicine Balls and More.
We have many other fun "toys" that we use in classes and training.
These range from medicine balls to hurdles to resistance bands.
We even have a huge tire and agility ladders.
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